Titanium Top & Bottom Clamp Yoke Pinch Kit Race Spec (TITRIPCL90R)

¥7,315 - ¥8,441 (税込)
¥6,650 - ¥7,674 (税抜)
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Titanium Top & Bottom Triple Clamp Bolt Kit. Supplied in kit form with copper grease. These are the fork-to-yoke clamp bolts. Bolts supplied will replicate original head styles and dimensions, with the added benefit of excellent corrosion resistance and 40% weight saving against standard steel bolt. Please note that our coloured Titanium is not identical to our Aluminium range.
Titanium Grade 5
Product Type:
Yoke / Bars
Pack Quantity:
ISP_PRODUCT_FINDER: Honda:CBR600FS1-FS2:2001, Honda:CBR600FS1-FS2:2002, Honda:CB900 Hornet:2001, Honda:CB900 Hornet:2002, Honda:CB900 Hornet:2003, Honda:CB900 Hornet:2004, Honda:CB900 Hornet:2005, Honda:CB900 Hornet:2006, Honda:CB900 Hornet:2007, Honda:VFR800 V-TEC:2002, Honda:VFR800 V-TEC:2003, Honda:VFR800 V-TEC:2004, Honda:VFR800 V-TEC:2005, Honda:VTR1000 F Firestorm:1997, Honda:VTR1000 F Firestorm:1998, Honda:VTR1000 F Firestorm:1999, Honda:VTR1000 F Firestorm:2000, Honda:VTR1000 F Firestorm:2001, Honda:VTR1000 F Firestorm:2002, Honda:VTR1000 F Firestorm:2003, Honda:VTR1000 F Firestorm:2004, Honda:VTR1000 F Firestorm:2005, Honda:CBR600FX-FY:1999, Honda:CBR600FX-FY:2000