Titanium Front Axle Pinch Bolt Kit Torx Drive (TIFAPINCH680)

¥5,118 - ¥6,386 (税込)
¥4,653 - ¥5,805 (税抜)
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Titanium Front Axle Pinch Bolts securing the front axle though the fork legs.

These bolts are prone to corrosion being at the front of the bike they take most of the dirt and road spray, our replacements have great resistance to corrosion and are an incredible 40% lighter than rusty steel originals and yet can still be torqued to manufacturers original settings.

Supplied here in Torx drive, the 6 point star drive not only offers streamlined good looks, but also incredible strength, performance, and durability where you need it most. Made to last and always look great. Zero maintenance and easy to fit.

Polished to a smooth mirror natural finish but also available in Blue, Black, Gold and, Purple Haze enabling you to customise and make your bike truly unique.

Titanium Grade 5
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