Stainless Steel Single Suzuki Top Rocker Cover Bolt

Stainless Steel Single Suzuki Top Rocker Cover Bolt
消費税抜き ¥814~ 税込 ¥896~
消費税抜き ¥814~ 税込 ¥896~


Stainless Steel Top Cam Cover bolts. Also known as rocker cover or valve cover bolts. These make a great show piece for un-faired bikes! Even if the bike is faired these are still a nice replacement for dull and rusty originals. A replica of Suzuki original bolts but in high grade Stainless Steel that have been machined with rolled threads to give a smoother stronger finish. Polished to a smooth mirror finish and highly resistant to corrosion these complement our engine kit perfectly.
Sold here individually but fitments are available for most models of Bandits and GSXRs in sets of 6 and 8. Side cover bolts are also available for models of Bandit. Listed in model specific bike sections where fitment has been established.
Stainless Steel is also available in black, which not only looks great but has other benefits too..
This beautiful long lasting black finish results from an application of Diamond Like Carbon Coating (DLC) This gives supreme hardness and corrosion resistance provided by a nano composite coating, which increases the fastener lifetime dramatically and helps to prevent galling. By incorporating them right from the beginning, the overall system cost can be held level or may even be reduced.
Please note that due to this special coating Black Stainless Steel is not identical to our Black Aluminium.


製品タイプ エンジン キット/パーツ
素材 ステンレス
重量 (g) 16.6800
バーコード いいえ
Product Stickers いいえ
生産国 United Kingdom
六角レンチサイズ 6mm
ソケットサイズ いいえ
ヘッドスタイル スペシャル - アーレンキードライブ
ヘッド高 4mm
高さ 4mm
長さ 18mm
ヘッド直径 25mm
ねじピッチ 1.00mm
ねじ長 11mm
ねじ径 7mm
厚さ いいえ
パックの数量 1




  • 密度: 8030kg/m3 (501lb/ft3)
  • ヤング率:193GPa (28 x 106psi)
  • 降伏強度:260MPa (37.7 x 103)
  • 最大抗張力:570MPa (82.7 x 103 psi)
  • 圧縮強度:260MPa (37.7 x 103 psi)
  • せん断率:78GPa (11.3 x 106 psi)
  • 延性:40%で破断
  • 許容最大値:A240
  • ポアソン比:0.27
  • 硬度:95 Rockwell B+
  • ASTM A240許容最大値A240
  • 比強度:32.4 kNm/kg
  • 比剛性:24.0 Mnm/kg


  • Motorcycle Suzuki GSF1200 Bandit 01-05
  • Motorcycle Suzuki GSF1200 Bandit 95-00
  • Motorcycle Suzuki GSF600 Bandit 00-04
  • Motorcycle Suzuki GSF600 Bandit 95-99
  • Motorcycle Suzuki GSF650 Bandit 05-06
  • Motorcycle Suzuki GSF650SA Bandit 07-08
  • Motorcycle Suzuki GSF650SA Bandit 09-10
  • Motorcycle Suzuki GSX1100F Katana 87-96
  • Motorcycle Suzuki GSX1300BK B-King 07-12
  • Motorcycle Suzuki GSX1400 01-07
  • Motorcycle Suzuki GSX600 FJ-FV GN72A Katana 88-97
  • Motorcycle Suzuki GSX600 FW-FK1 JS1AJ Katana 98-02
  • Motorcycle Suzuki GSX750F Katana 98-03
  • Motorcycle Suzuki GSX750F Katana 88-97
  • Motorcycle Suzuki SV1000S 05-07
  • Motorcycle Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa 99-02
  • Motorcycle Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa 03-07
  • Motorcycle Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa 08-11
  • Motorcycle Suzuki GSX650F 07-11
  • Motorcycle Suzuki GSX-R1000 K1-K2 01-02
  • Motorcycle Suzuki GSX-R1000 K3-K4 03-04
  • Motorcycle Suzuki GSX-R1000 K5-K6 05-06
  • Motorcycle Suzuki GSX-R1000 K7-K8 07-08
  • Motorcycle Suzuki GSX-R1100 K-N 89-92
  • Motorcycle Suzuki GSX-R400 RJ-RW 88-98
  • Motorcycle Suzuki GSX-R600 K1-K3 01-03
  • Motorcycle Suzuki GSX-R600 K4-K5 04-05
  • Motorcycle Suzuki GSX-R600 K6-K7 06-07
  • Motorcycle Suzuki GSX-R600 K8-L0 08-10
  • Motorcycle Suzuki GSX-R600 WV-Y 97-01
  • Motorcycle Suzuki GSX-R750 J-K 88-89
  • Motorcycle Suzuki GSX-R750 K4-K5 04-05
  • Motorcycle Suzuki GSX-R750 K6-K7 06-07
  • Motorcycle Suzuki GSX-R750 K8-L0 08-10
  • Motorcycle Suzuki GSX-R750 L-M 90-91
  • Motorcycle Suzuki GSX-R750 WN-WS 92-95
  • Motorcycle Suzuki GSX-R750 WT-WX SRAD 96-99
  • Motorcycle Suzuki GSX-R750 Y-K3 00-03
  • Motorcycle Suzuki GSF1200 Bandit 2006
  • Motorcycle Suzuki GSF1250 Bandit 07-12



Stainless Steel Single Suzuki Top Rocker Cover Bolt

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